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Christmas is finally on its way and Winter has definitely arrived. The days are getting shorter, and it’s so darn cold! I leave to go to work in the dark, and on the drive back it is pitch black. So when I get into the warm welcoming embrace that is my home all I want to do is snuggle up on the sofa and vegetate! Some people would call this laziness, but what else would you do on a week-day Winters eve? If tortoises can hibernate then so can I!!!

I thought I would come up with my own recipe for the perfect Hygge evening. You know...that word everyone seems to be going on about at the moment. The Danish culture of enjoying life’s simple pleasures and taking time out to just be at peace. It’s all the rage and I am obsessed with the whole idea of it.

Hot water bottle
Favourite movie
Tasty Beverage
Yummy snacks
Cozy loungewear

-Switch off your phone. Unless you plan on watching a movie on it there is no need to be staring at the screen going cock-eyed. The light emitted from it actually keeps you more awake, so put it down for a couple of hours and you will find yourself much more relaxed. Phones are also bringers of stress, which is the exact opposite of what Hygge culture is about!

- Grab all your cushions, covers and candles and create a haven where the stresses of life leave you and you are totally relaxed. Pretty much make the fort that every adult secretly wishes they had. Who said they are just for kids?!

- Put on your coziest loungewear or PJ's. Preferably ones that have just been washed and are all fluffy and smell delicious.


- Pour yourself a cup of your favourite tasty beverage, whether that is a warm drink or an alcoholic tipple - no-one is judging! It's your time to relax...go for it! While you're at it, don't forget to stock up on tasty treats because let's be honest you won't be leaving your Hygge paradise for a while!

How cute is this Santa mug? I don't really drink too much hot drinks, but I just had to buy it!

- Settle down in front of your TV and Netflix and chill to your hearts content. It's your evening, you can do whatever you want!

Once you have done all these things you will have created the best Christmas Hygge evening possible. Can't wait to go home and try out this recipe again! Yum.

What's your perfect Winter's evening?




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