The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins Book Review

Ok, so I'm very late to the game. The Girl on the Train was first released in January 2015. It gained a huge readership, and became an instant bestseller. I don’t normally read thrillers, so the synopsis just never appealed to me. Also, I haven’t got the best relationship with books that are deemed highly popular. More often than not I would read a book that was recommended by others, and I would finish it feeling flat and underwhelmed. I guess that is the risk you take with hyped up books. You either get it or you don’t!

Once I heard that it was soon to be released as a big budget movie starring Emily Blunt I thought I better pick it up. See what all the fuss was about. Of course there were the usual comparisons to Gone Girl, which I loved, so I was excited to get reading. After having seen the trailers it seems that the producers have been stupid and decided to set the movie in New York. For me the setting of the book sets the atmosphere, and it’s almost a character in itself. From comments I have read online this is a common opinion. I hate it when movie creators decide to change a vital part of a book-to-movie adaptation just to make it more accessible and relatable to a wider (*cough* American) audience.

It’s a well paced, easy read and if thrillers are your thing I would recommend it. The study of the not-so-lovable characters in this book was entertaining, and the intrigue and suspense that filled the pages kept me going.

I adored the descriptions of the mundane lives that the characters lead. They each had flaws, and you could believe that these people could be your neighbours or friends. Extremely relatable if not dysfunctional.

Having spoken to a friend about the book, I was told about the "twist". No spoiler was shared but of course I had to try and figure it out before I got to that page. The thing with thrillers now-a-days is that it is very hard to keep a twist hidden and not make it easy for the reader to figure it out. There have only been a few instances where I have been genuinely shocked by the turn of events, and unfortunately with The Girl on the Train the twist came as a bit of a damp squib. It was predictable, rushed and just not what I had expected. I would love to know what you think. Of course I did want to write my theories on here but that would probably ruin the whole book for any of you who haven’t read it yet!

Although I was not too enamoured by the ending it was still an enjoyable read. The intrigue alone made me want to keep reading. Which I guess is what made the book so popular!

Have you read The Girl on the Train? Will you be going to see the movie? I really don’t know if I will...the reviews haven’t been sparkling and I feel that it might bug me knowing the changes they have made.


  1. I never had a chance to read this book but I heard so much about it that I really should. Iga x

    1. You should :) I've not heard great things about the movie so not sure if I want to see it! Xxx


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