A morning in the garden. | Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen

This morning I spent time with a couple of my best friends exploring the enchanting Johnston Gardens in Aberdeen.
I am somewhat reluctant to write about this magical place as it is one of those hidden treasures that barely anyone knows about. One of my friends even said she had never been before! I guess if you aren't familiar with the area you might miss the chance to see inside, in my opinion, the best park/garden in Aberdeen. Think of the Secret Garden and you can imaging the sort of atmosphere and beauty you can find here.
I was able to try out my new Canon EOS 750D and I am pretty pleased with how the photos came out. I've chosen my favourites and have posted them below. Would love to know what you think!

I hope my photographs have given you a good enough glimpse into the beauty that is Johnston Gardens. I would seriously suggest giving it a go instead of the usual Hazlehead or Duthie parks, as it is almost always empty every time I go. There is a small play park for children to pay and ducks to feed in the pretty pond.
It's beautiful all year round, and in the autumn the leaves turn the most gorgeous shade of red and they cover the ground in a carpet of leaves. It's absolutely stunning.

Have you been to Johnston Gardens? Or can you recommend any other "secret" places to go in Aberdeen/Scotland?



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  1. Wow! You really can see Autumn in Aberdeen! I have to go and have a walk there again. I do not want to miss such a beautiful colours.


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