Road To Clear Skin - The Beginning...

For the last few years I have been dealing with varying degrees of acne on my face. I am sometimes reluctant to call it that, i'm really more inclined to describe my skin as spot prone. Recently however my face, which was relatively clear and smooth as a teenager, has decided to become all blotchy and out of control. At the ripe old age of 26 I am suffering from the worst spots I have ever experienced! 

It started off as a few plooks (the Scottish word for spots/pimples) on my right cheek but it has now spread over to the left hand side too! Nightmare.

I have been to the doctors on a number of occasions and have been given different remedies, from antibiotics to topical creams. None of which were very successful.

Even the pill, which had previously cleared up my spots a few years ago (people commented on how flawless my skin was!) is now having no effect on my skin.

A few weeks ago I said enough was enough. I was fed up of plastering thick make up on every morning just to make the horrendous red marks seem less angry. I phoned up the docs and managed to get an appointment the same day with a nurse.

Once there I showed a picture I had taken the previous day to the nurse. Not a pretty sight I can assure you. I won't be posting it on here as it's too horrific to subject anyone to it. Seriously. Maybe if I see an improvement I could post an update to show progress...maybe. See how confident I feel that day!

Anywho. I did mention the pill Accutane. I was interested to see if they thought it would be a good choice for me, but they decided, with my agreement, that I should try some topical creams/gels one last time. To be honest, after reading the horror stories and side effects associated with Accutane I am glad I am giving their prescription a go before I think about going down that route. I've heard it's not for the faint of heart!

I was prescribed two different creams. Skinoren (a thick-ish cream) to be applied in the morning and Treclin (a very watery gel) which is applied in the evening. I was warned that I should use the Treclin sparingly as it could cause some dryness/itchiness. I must say it has caused slight dryness in my chin area, but it's not un-manageable. I have noticed that once I apply the Skinoren in the morning my skin becomes a bit tingly for about 10/15 mins. It's not uncomfortable but it's definitely noticeable. Hopefully it means something is working!  

In order to cleanse my skin in the least irritable way I got my hands on the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. On countless blogs/vlogs that focus on acne this product constantly kept coming up as a must have for a harsh free way of cleaning your face. It can also be used on the body too, so great for those with sensitive skin elsewhere! 

Bit of a confession to make - I was a big fan of make-up removing wipes! I know...sacrilege! Might as well have scrubbed my face with a scouring pad! I am not a beauty expert in the slightest but what I have learnt is that make up removing wipes are probably the worst thing you could be using on your skin. So I am so glad I have fallen in love with this product. Yes, it does take a bit more effort than the handy wipe, but I am finding myself getting into a nighttime routine, so it will just take a bit of time to get used to it. Treat yo self! they say. Relax before bed...  

The reviews on the Cetaphil Cleanser were great, though they weren't so good regarding removing make up. Particularly mascara etc. I've had a mostly positive experience so far. I just use a couple of pumps in the morning and evening and use my muslin cloth to softly buff away the grime. There have been a few occasions where I have woken up with panda eyes, or a bit of foundation still on my face. Nothing to write home about though. It's soft and calming and definitely does it's job well. 

 I also bought the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream which accompanies the cleanser. With a lot of medicinal creams the ingredients can make the skin where it is applied very dry and flaky so I thought this would be a great way of keeping my face moisturised without ruining the acne treatment. I was a bit worried at first as it is described as a rich cream. My skin has become super oily all of a sudden, goodness knows why, so I am very weary about putting any excess liquid on my face. As both Cetaphil items are non-comedogenic I don't have to worry about my pores being all blocked up! Woo! The moisturiser is thick, but not tacky or cloggy and it effortlessly blends into the skin.

I adore both products, and only wish I had bought them sooner. Perhaps my skin would not have become so bad? I'll never know.

I am on week 3 of my new skin routine. I have another month or so of trying out the medicinal creams and I am aware that they are not expected to give me an over-night success. It's a wait and see type of treatment.

For someone who is not that patient it is testing my limits. How I wish I had a magic wand that zapped my skin clear...a girl can dream!

Would love to know if anyone has used these products? Am I wasting my time or did you have any success with them?




  1. My skin has been acting up lately as well. I decided to try a new cleanser and facial moisturizer, but didn't bother reading any reviews (succhhhh a terrible idea). I bought 2 Olay products for sensitive skin, and omg you wouldn't believe how bad they made my face. So aggrevated :( So I put them aside and now I'm back to my Cetaphil <3 Nothing works as well and as gently for me as this! Thanks to your post I might try their moisturizer as well!

    1. Gosh. I am sorry to hear your Olay products didn't work. I've been trying not to use anything that could cause a reaction. Seems to be working. I am OBSESSED with Cetaphil now hahah! xx

  2. I have suffered with acne all through my teenage years, i've tried all of the creams and horrible gels from the Doctors (as well as antibiotics), been on every contraceptive pill the NHS offers... and had no improvement. I went on Accutane - it was hell. My skin was peeling, I suffered from constant nose bleeds and I felt horrible about everything. It cleared my acne but left my skin raw and when I came off it, the spots returned! I still suffer with spots, mainly white heads on my forehead and chin. I've tried every skincare product out there... but not Cetaphil - I think I might pick some up and hope that helps!

    Liv xx

    1. Yikes. Sounds like you have been through the wars with your skin. I definitely would try Cetaphil. My skin has calmed down remarkably, and it's nice to get into a good skin routine at night time! Let me know if you do buy it and what you think of it! :) xxx

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