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I am in the midst of a TV show watching bug. I can't get enough of them! Perhaps that explains my lack of blog posts recently...great excuse eh!?

To commemorate my obsession du jour I thought I would share with you the top 5 TV shows that I can't get enough of. They are in no particular order though as, to be honest, I just can't choose between them!

As you can see from the list I am more of a 20-30min episode kind of gal. I have to be totally engrossed in a show if I am to stick around for 50mins or so. I don't think I have a short attention span, but it's so easy to be distracted by Twitter/Facebook now-a-days that I often find myself rewatching episodes because I missed something the first time around. Concentrate Emma!

I haven't included Game of Thrones in my choices. That show is in a world of its own, so I don't think the others deserve to be in the same list as it. haha. It is definitely one of my favourites though.

1. New Girl

There are only a couple of TV shows that I would watch over and over again, and New Girl is one of them. Along with Friends it is one of those rare sitcoms in which all the characters are lovable in their own way and they all make my laugh out loud. There have been a couple of episodes in Season 5 in particular where I have been literally doubled over in a fit of giggles. My favourite character changes episode to episode but Schmidt has been giving me the constant #lolz from day one. Cannot wait for Season 6, which I presume will be released early 2017.

2. The Affair

A little bit different from my other choices, but that doesn't mean I love it any less. A drama based around the relationship between Noah, his family and his new bit on the side Alison. There is murder, intrigue, sex (not one to watch with children or your parents FYI) and beautiful scenery. What more would you want? Although the character or Noah is utterly repulsive, I am also utterly attracted to the actor who plays him, Dominic West. I am finding it hard to hate the character because of this. He is just too darn handsome! I think I need help...

3. Stranger Things

They say don't believe the hype but Stranger Things is one of those "must see" shows that actually is worth watching. Scary, suspenseful and comedic there is something in it for everyone. I am a bit of a scaredy-cat so I'm amazed I got through all the episodes but I adore the retro look and the soundtrack is to die for. There are only 8 episodes in the 1st season so it's very easy to get through quickly.

4. Don't Trust The B***h In Apartment 23

I don't know about you but I love it when a show has a celebrity character who is playing themselves. If you love Dawson Creek then you will love DTTBIA23. James Van Der Beek plays a recurring role in this quirky and modern comedy. Think Kimmy Schmidt meets New Girl.

-side note - I LOVE Kimmy Schmidt too. I haven't included it in this list as I wanted to include the more recent shows I've been watching. Go watch it though. It's the BEST. - end of side note-

5. Friends.

A classic. Every time I watch it it's like I'm getting a big hug. Even though I've watched the seasons multiple times I still find things to laugh at. The fact that it is also aired constantly on Comedy Central means I know I have something to watch if all else fails. Again, my favourite characters change a lot but I must say that I relate to Monica a little bit too much and I adore Ross and Rachel's relationship.
I am in two minds about whether I want them to have a reunion or not. On one hand it would be great to see them all together as their popular characters, but on the other there is the worry that it just might not be the same and that the spark may have gone. Who knows.

What are your favourite shows at the moment? Any must watch TV I just have to see? Would love some recommendations to fill the void when I finish these ones!



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  1. I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and I came across 'Don't Trust the B* in Apartment 23' and thought it was AMAZING! I thought it reminded me so much of 2 Broke Girls! I actually thought they stole the idea of the storyline from them, then realised the show was done in 2001 ages before 2 Broke Girls!

    John | Shout John


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