Book Review | Room - Emma Donoghue, Our Endless Numbered Days - Claire Fuller

Having recently read both Room and Our Endless Numbered Days in a short period of time I thought I would condense my review into one blog post.

The themes of these books are very similar, with both dealing with the abduction of a young child. Both are utterly compelling, quick and easy reads. I actually read Room and watched the movie version on my flight to America. Then had a few hours to spare too...

Room follows the tumultuous life of 5 year old Jack and his young mum, or Ma as she is known to the reader. At first all is well and happy in Jack's little world, but it soon transpires that all is not as it should be. Jack has spent every day of his short life in one small and dingy room. The room is actually an outbuilding on a property where his mother has been held hostage for a number of years. Ma tries to make the best of the situation, focusing all her energy on protecting her son from her captor but there's only so much you can do! Without giving too much away the story progresses through Ma's elaborate plan to escape, her relationship with her son and the hard task of re-adjusting to the outside world.

Emma Donoghue's work is enthralling, heartwarming, heart wrenching and ultimately hopeful. Basing it on a real life case of child abduction adds another element to the reading. I adored this book and couldn't put it down. Perfect summer/beach reading.


Our Endless Numbered Days is a thrill ride through emotions and keeps you in suspense till the very end. Like Room, the protagonist is a young child. In every chapter we go back and forth between the life pre and post abduction of Peggy and her struggle to understand why her father convinced her that the world had ended and why he forced her to live with him in a remote forest as a survivalist.
Reading the book you become a sort of detective yourself, reading into little bits here and there. Trying to understand why her father did what he did. Of course Peggy is a child, she loved her father, trusted him with her life, so of course she was going to believe him when he had told her everyone she loved had died.
The depth of research and detail that has gone into this book is astounding. Some parts are almost too difficult to read, but that is what makes it so believable. You feel every rock under Peggy's feet and smell every scent.

I loved both Room and Our Endless Numbered Days. Easy, compelling and has you spellbound till the very end. You can relate to the characters, feel their emotions and just want the best for them.
Have you read either of these books? Would love to know what you think!



  1. I really really want to read this? have you seen the film yet? it's such an interesting idea, I'd love to read about how it all plays out!

    1. I actually watched the movie as soon as I finished the book on a flight to America. Loved it. :) Hope you enjoy the book if you end up reading it! xx


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