Benefit Brow Collection | Ka-Brow and Browvo Review

It's no secret that I love Benefit. Truth be told there hasn''t been a product that I have tried and didn't like. Actually, that's a lie. I did not like the Stay Flawless Primer. It just made my skin sticky and did not feel nice at all!
Anywho, their brow products have always been favourites of mine so I was filled with intrigue when I found out that they were releasing a whopping 13 new brow enhancing products. Some are upgrades of well loved existing favourites and others are totally unfamiliar. Exciting.

When I booked myself into a very last minute eyebrow waxing appointment at my local Brow Bar at Boots I had to have a little word with myself.

No, Emma! You do NOT need a new brow product, you are happy with your Gimme Brow, and you will wait until that is finished before buying anything else! OK?!

I didn't listen to myself. I say it every time I get my brows done. I am such an easy customer. Show me a cutely packaged product and I am yours.

The lovely lady at Benefit tamed my unruly brows in no time at all, and of course she tried out one of their new products on me.

Let me introduce to you :Ka-Brow


To get the brush out you just pull it from the lid. You can then pop it back in the opposite way around and off you go. I read that all the products in the collection are perfectly balanced to make it easier for application. No more shaky hands here folks!

So beautiful! I love the chrome/metallic packaging. The bright, retro outer box it came in and the colours are to die for.

This product is extremely build-able so you can create as bold or as subtle a look as you want. Unlike some brow mascaras out there the cream-gel is so light and doesn't feel wet or tack-y. It barely feels like anything is on if you put it on correctly. It's almost chalky but definitely not drying. I wanted something quick, easy and eye catching. This Ka-Brow certainly lives up to it's popping name.

I was lucky to be given a sample of another one of Benefit's new products. The Browvo Conditioning Primer. 
Let me say this: I will definitely be buying this product when I run out! 

Oh my goodness, it is the perfect accompaniment to any brow product - Benefit or otherwise. Your brows don't move or smudge and it lasts all day. As it's a primer it makes the other product go a long way. When I used it with my trusted Gimme Brow it made it much darker, meaning I was able to use less product. Score! 

As you can probably tell from my reviews that these products have been a huge success. I am one of the many Benefit ravers out there just shouting out their love into the inter web. Browvo (see what I did there...) to Benefit for another amazing collection. They take their commitment to better eyebrows very seriously and constantly bring out fantastic products. They do it with class, beauty and they are darn right FUN!

Cannot wait for the next collection.

Have you tried any of the new Brow Collection? What has been your favourite product so far?




  1. Ahhh it's so pretty! I love Benefit products, they always think out of the box with their packaging too! I love how it's light and buildable, can't wait to check it out when I'm next in the city :D what a time to live in the countryside haha! xD xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I ADORE Benefit! haha. Oh I used to live in the country when I was in high school. Nightmare! Hope you get your hands on some of their products soon :) xx


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