tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue | Review

When I was in the States I stumbled into Sephora and then I blacked out.
An hour or so later the result of this void in my memory was a mammoth haul.

Stay tuned for a post on everything that I bought.

However I cannot wait to rave about the cutest ever lip balm/gloss I got my impulsive hands on.

The taste Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue in shade Nude.

Now normally I am a matte lip product kind of gal. Shiny or glossy things just ain't my thing. I don't like the way they make your lips sticky, and then your hair gets in it and euughhhhh.

When I walked past the tarte stand I stood there gawking at the sheer beauty of their products.

Not going to lie. I bought this product not knowing anything about the brand or if it was any good. I bought it purely on aesthetics.

It is so. damn. pretty!

It's soft but not smushy. Smooth but not sticky. The perfect mixture between a lip butter and gloss. The very subtle colour is perfect for every day use, and the application lasts for a long time.

My darling little sister has already hijacked it after me only being home for less than a week.
I've noticed that QVC, yes the home shopping channel, has a deal right now where you can get a trio of the Lip Rescue's for £27.68. Might end up purchasing them myself as I don't think I will be seeing the first one any time soon....sisters.

I did end up purchasing a couple of more tarte products, and I cannot wait to try them out. I feel I have a brand new favourite brand.

Anyone know where you can buy tarte in the UK? I know you can get it online, but wondering if you can purchase them in stores somewhere?!
Would love to know!

Have you used any taste products? What are your favourites?




  1. I'm so excited to get to Sephora when I go to New York!

    1. oh my goodness you are going to love it.
      I really hope (for your bank balance's sake) that you have more restraint than me.

      Enjoy! New York is the greatest city in the world. Will you be writing a post about it?! If you do, I really look forward to reading it :)

  2. I haven't tried any of their products but am desperate to get my hands on the 'in bloom' eyeshadow palette. They seem like a good trustworthy brand from watching them on QVC!


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