A morning in the park. | Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen

We don't get many sunny days here in Scotland. So whenever we do have even the slightest glimmer of sun the whole of the country runs outside, with legs out/arms out.
Nothing worse than seeing the peely-wally overweight Scottish men with their tops off!!

I had arranged with my friend to head over to Hazlehead Park on Saturday morning. The weather app on my phone had the weather described as being sunny and 14 one day, and then cloudy the next. Luckily (as usual) the app was not to be believed. We were lucky to get beautiful sunshine all morning, and when the sun hit you it was surprisingly warm. You definitely feel better, more positive when the sun is out. One day I will live in a warm country.....one day.....

We also went to see the animals at Pets Corner. There were cute goats, an enourmous tortoise and an adorable Shetland pony.
They recently acquired a huge ass python from the depths of hell...
Ok maybe not. I hate snakes though. So I did NOT go to see that slippery evil creature. Heard it was pretty big though.

Here are some photos of our morning. I am really loving photographing nature and animals. It's so easy to take beautiful photos of them are the are so naturally photogenic.

What's your favourite park to wander around on a Saturday morning?! 



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  1. How did I not know Pets Corner had a tortoise?!? I haven't been since they started charginv for entry but that's going to have to be rectified now. Your photos of the park are lovely
    Aj xx


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