A morning in the park. | Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen

We don't get many sunny days here in Scotland. So whenever we do have even the slightest glimmer of sun the whole of the country runs outside, with legs out/arms out.
Nothing worse than seeing the peely-wally overweight Scottish men with their tops off!!

I had arranged with my friend to head over to Hazlehead Park on Saturday morning. The weather app on my phone had the weather described as being sunny and 14 one day, and then cloudy the next. Luckily (as usual) the app was not to be believed. We were lucky to get beautiful sunshine all morning, and when the sun hit you it was surprisingly warm. You definitely feel better, more positive when the sun is out. One day I will live in a warm country.....one day.....

We also went to see the animals at Pets Corner. There were cute goats, an enourmous tortoise and an adorable Shetland pony.
They recently acquired a huge ass python from the depths of hell...
Ok maybe not. I hate snakes though. So I did NOT go to see that slippery evil creature. Heard it was pretty big though.

Here are some photos of our morning. I am really loving photographing nature and animals. It's so easy to take beautiful photos of them are the are so naturally photogenic.

What's your favourite park to wander around on a Saturday morning?! 



tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue | Review

When I was in the States I stumbled into Sephora and then I blacked out.
An hour or so later the result of this void in my memory was a mammoth haul.

Stay tuned for a post on everything that I bought.

However I cannot wait to rave about the cutest ever lip balm/gloss I got my impulsive hands on.

The taste Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue in shade Nude.

Now normally I am a matte lip product kind of gal. Shiny or glossy things just ain't my thing. I don't like the way they make your lips sticky, and then your hair gets in it and euughhhhh.

When I walked past the tarte stand I stood there gawking at the sheer beauty of their products.

Not going to lie. I bought this product not knowing anything about the brand or if it was any good. I bought it purely on aesthetics.

It is so. damn. pretty!

It's soft but not smushy. Smooth but not sticky. The perfect mixture between a lip butter and gloss. The very subtle colour is perfect for every day use, and the application lasts for a long time.

My darling little sister has already hijacked it after me only being home for less than a week.
I've noticed that QVC, yes the home shopping channel, has a deal right now where you can get a trio of the Lip Rescue's for £27.68. Might end up purchasing them myself as I don't think I will be seeing the first one any time soon....sisters.

I did end up purchasing a couple of more tarte products, and I cannot wait to try them out. I feel I have a brand new favourite brand.

Anyone know where you can buy tarte in the UK? I know you can get it online, but wondering if you can purchase them in stores somewhere?!
Would love to know!

Have you used any taste products? What are your favourites?



USA Adventure Part 1 - Seattle and Vashon Island

You may (or may not!) have noticed a lack of activity on my blog and social media platforms this last week or so.
This has been due to the fact that I was on the other side of the world having a wonderful adventure exploring both the West and East coasts of America.
I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the wedding of one of my best friends on Vashon Island just outside Seattle, WA. Then, along with my friend Matthew, we flew over to the East coast and had a few days in Boston. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the blog where I write about that part!

Having never been to either Seattle or Boston this holiday was even more exciting, and my time there definitely lived up to the expectations.

The photos above are just a snapshot of what I saw and did in Seattle. A particular highlight was experiencing the Chihuly Exhibit and Garden underneath the Seattle Space Needle.

The artist created amazing glass sculptures that were just dotted around the garden and blended into the environment seamlessly. This place has to be seen to be believed. I will be writing a post on it soon as I have to show off the photos! haha. 

I loved Seattle. The weather was (mostly) lovely, the scenery beautiful and the people were so welcoming. Will definitely want to visit in the future, and explore more of the West-Coast while i'm at it.

Have you been to Seattle?! What are your must do's?



IKEA Aberdeen - An Early Preview

Obligatory mirror photo.

I love IKEA.

It's cheap, it's cheerful and you always leave the store satisfied. The only downfall, for me, would be that you have to travel to Edinburgh to Glasgow to get to the nearest store. That's OK if you want a couple of smaller items, but when it comes to the bigger stuff then you either have to try and fit it in your car or organise a delivery. My beautiful friend Lauren and I were able to head on over to the store after work today to get a sneak peek at the store before it opens officially on Thursday.

The whole city of Aberdeen was screaming out for our own store. There had even been Facebook pages created to get IKEA to come up to the North-East. So you can only imagine my delight when it was revealed that we would at last be getting our own little blue and yellow box! The only catch was that this wouldn't be like your regular IKEA. It is a sort of a click and collect concept. It looks like your regular IKEA, it feels like your regular IKEA, it's just that most of the things you see in store you can't take away with you.

HOWEVER, if you do a little searching and nosey-ing about you can in fact take away a lot their smaller items like cutlery, (fake) plants, cushions etc. Basically, the items you can get in the "warehouse" you find in their big stores are all available in the Aberdeen one. You just have to go looking for them!
I must admit I really enjoyed the idea of searching for the items you want - it's a much more interactive way of shopping and you get to know other products in the process.

It's a very pretty store, though I can imagine it will get very busy come this weekend! Must admit, it was so lovely being able to have a look around without the thousands of people I will expect will explore the new store later this week. There are still the usual mock living room/bedroom/kitchen set up and there is a wee cafe that sells a small variety of food. You can even get bags of the frozen meatballs that everyone raves about. They are so yummy though!

If you like IKEA I don't think you will be disappointed. There will be some people who will be upset that you still have to pay for delivery, and that not all items are ready and available. In my opinion having this store is way better than no store. With the prices of the items being so cheap you don't feel as bad paying a bit extra for delivery, and to be honest, you'd be saving money anyway compared to the price of petrol to travel to Glasgow/Edinburgh.

Are you excited to visit the new store when it opens?

Would love to hear your thoughts when you do!



Book Review: Hamilton: The Revolution - Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Ok, I have a confession to make. It's nothing to worry about, but it it is life changing...

I am obsessed with Hamilton the Musical.

I can't pin-point the first time I had heard about this incredible work of art. The internet had been a-buzz for a fair few months and I had kept seeing pictures and articles about this new hip-hop musical all about the founding fathers of the USA.

Strange concept right?! Created by the genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda (he recently received a Pulitzer prize for Hamilton!) who also wrote In The Heights, the show narrates the story of the "bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman" Alexander Hamilton who comes from literally nothing to become the first Secretary of the Treasury of the new-born U.S of A.

Being from Scotland the only real draw for me was the fact that this dude's dad was a Scot. I knew nothing about US history, nor had a real interest in the founding fathers. However, my sister showed me the video of the cast performing on the 2016 Grammy Awards I just knew I had to hear more.

The lyrics, the performance, the music had me hooked from the first few words.

3 months later and I listen to the soundtrack daily, well at least one song, and I was able to purchase the must have piece of Hamilton merchandise that everyone is raving about.
Nicknamed the "Hamiltome", this really is the bible on all things Hamilton.

Packed with notes from L-M M, drawings of costumes and staging, it's beautifully bound to look like a book from the revolution period. The edges of the pages even have a rough effect which really adds to the effect.


Seeing Hamilton on Broadway is definitely on my Bucket List. If it was with the current original cast, well, that would be the icing on the cake!

This book really is a must have for any Hamilton fan. For those who can't see it in person (yet) it definitely helps fill a hole.

Have you seen Hamilton on Broadway|? Are you as obsessed with this musical as I am? Would love to talk to some fellow musical bloggers!




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