Hey There!
I'm Emma. 

I am 26 years old and I live in North-East Scotland.

I have size 13 (Children's size!) feet. Not joking.

Reading and arts + crafts are my main passions in life.

I have also been known to sing (mostly in tune..I hope!)...constantly. Sometimes I don't even know i'm doing it.

I have a growing obsession with finding the perfect make-up, in particular stuff to make my spot prone skin look flawless. It's an ongoing struggle...

I prefer matte lipstick to shiny and love Diet Irn Bru a little too much.

Would love to chat to like-minded people so please feel free to hit me up below.

email: imemmajack@hotmail.com
twitter: @imemmajack
instagram: instagram.com/imemmajack


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