The first post...again.

So clearly I am showing my total naivety when it comes to blogging.
In my eagerness to delete some draft posts I only went deleted my first blog post!!! Wahhh.
Needless to say I nearly cried...

It is a good lesson to learn though. For now I am going to start writing drafts of my posts and save them, so this little mishap should (hopefully)never happen again.
Frustrated yes, but not giving up!

On Friday the lovely Lauren I had the chance to pop into the Curated Stories and have a gander at their Spring Sale. Now if any of you Aberdonians haven't heard of this cute boutique shoppie then boy! you are missing out.
Situated on Claremont Street this haven of gifts and homeware is a welcome choice of unusual and never-seen-before-in-Aberdeen style goods.
One of the main draw for me is the fact that they stock the sublime Rifle Paper Co.
When I saw these beautiful coasters on sale I just HAD to pick them up.

How pretty are they?! Of course I wouldn't dare use them for their intended use. The thought of them being ruined by drink stains is too awful to imagine. 
If you are ever in Aberdeen please pop in by Curated Stories. You won't be disappointed.

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