New Baby Hamper

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One of my closest friends recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. When she told me she was pregnant way back in September I did two things.

1. Scream down the phone and nearly cry.
2. Plan my next crochet project.

I had previously made her a blanket for her first darling baby girl, so I knew I wanted to make one a similar style. I took inspiration from Attic24's Neat Ripple Pattern. This website is great for crochet beginners and the instructions are so easy to follow. Once you get the pattern ingrained in your head it's very easy to see quick and beautiful results.
I went for blue-ish tones for this blanket, as and was so happy with the final piece.
There is nothing better than creating something and giving it away as a gift.


Of course I couldn't stop myself there with gifts. I created a wee gift hamper. Inside there was a couple of tiny onesies, socks and the cutest hats. I embellished the wicker basket with a "Happy Birthday" garland. Couldn't believe the amount of times I was asked why it said Happy Birthday.'s the baby's birthday so of course it makes sense. hehe.   

I also put some It's A Boy ribbon on the handle. I didn't want to decorate it too much, as I want the hamper to be usable in the future.

Most of the yarn, the hamper and the other embellishments were bought at The Range in Aberdeen. It's probably the best, and most affordable place to get arts and crafts stuff. I could spend hours in that place. 

So many projects....not enough time.

xoxo Emma 

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