Favourites of the Week.

I've recently purchased two beautiful products that I've become somewhat obsessed with.
Once I find a product that I love I tend to stick with that brand for a while.

The first one is a MAC lipstick. Of course! We all know how great their lipsticks are, but I've never found a lipstick that has stuck so much. It doesn't matter what I eat or drink this lipstick does not budge!
I went for the Matte Mehr which has been described on the MAC website as a dirty blue pink. I LOVE this colour. It goes with pretty much any outfit, and can be built up to create different looks.
I do prefer a matte lipstick, so i'm looking forward to buying my next one soon! You can never have too many. Right?!?

It retails for £15.50, but this lipstick is worth the price due to it's longevity. 

Next up we have the stunning Jo Malone Lavender & Coriander Cologne from their Herb Garden collection. Gahh I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this smells!

It's definitely not your usual floral fragrance. It's strong, almost masculine so it would definitely suit both ladies and guys. I for one LOOVEEEE mens fragrance, so I'm so happy to have found a product that is a bit in the in-between. 
I adore Jo Malone but I must admit these bottles don't last long. Maybe it's just me but I can go through one of them in a few months. That's with me only spraying it once a day! Luckily this spray lasts the whole day for me, and it's one of those rare types that means I can still smell it on me even after i've finished work and gone home. That very rarely happens with some other cheaper brands of perfume.
Again, it's a little on the expensive side when it comes to its size but at £44 I would have to say it's worth it.  
What are your favourite MAC or Jo Malone products? I'm always looking for new inspiration, so would love your suggestions. 

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