Craft-urday. Hobbycraft Flamingo Pom Pom Kit.

I've come up with a new post series that i've dubbed "Craft-urday"
Basically every Saturday I will be posting a craft-y themed blog post. These will come in the form of reviews, tutorials, WIPs, and wish lists. I come across so many things I want to do so and would love to her about all the things you are up to. Please let me know!

Today's post is about the Hobbycraft Flamingo Pom Pom kit. Whilst looking for things to create my friend's new baby hamper I came across the cutest little pom pom animal kits. For £1 each!!! I could't help myself so left the store with the Flamingo and the Turtle one. The lovely ladies at the store in Aberdeen also recommended I buy a glue gun for £5 as they worked better with the materials. Boy was I glad I bought one!

There was two glue sticks with the gun, and when I had finished making the flamingo there was loads left. I will definitely be able to use the gun many more times in the future.

The kit came with all you needed to create the flamingo, and all you had to do was to follow the easy instructions on the back of the cover. It took about 30-40 minutes, mainly as you had to wait for the glue to dry before continuing.

I only made 1 flamingo today (i've named her Penelope!), but this kit has enough material to make 4. For my first attempt it went OK. She's slightly wonky, her eyes are a bit squint and she doesn't really stand up properly but that's all part of her charm.

Penelope isn't exactly how she is supposed to look like on the package, but how boring would it be if we were all exactly the same and uniform?!

I will definitely be buying more of these wee kits. A nice and fun Saturday afternoon craft. 
What crafts have you been doing this week/weekend? Send me your links!




  1. I love crafty little ideas like this! Also, that glue gun is absolutely adorable and perfectly pink!!


    1. The glue gun is GREAT! So glad I purchased it :) These kits are great if you want to do something crafty but not have to use too much effort. I have a tortoise one too, so looking forward to trying that one out soon! xx


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