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Christmas is finally on its way and Winter has definitely arrived. The days are getting shorter, and it’s so darn cold! I leave to go to work in the dark, and on the drive back it is pitch black. So when I get into the warm welcoming embrace that is my home all I want to do is snuggle up on the sofa and vegetate! Some people would call this laziness, but what else would you do on a week-day Winters eve? If tortoises can hibernate then so can I!!!

I thought I would come up with my own recipe for the perfect Hygge evening. You know...that word everyone seems to be going on about at the moment. The Danish culture of enjoying life’s simple pleasures and taking time out to just be at peace. It’s all the rage and I am obsessed with the whole idea of it.

Hot water bottle
Favourite movie
Tasty Beverage
Yummy snacks
Cozy loungewear

-Switch off your phone. Unless you plan on watching a movie on it there is no need to be staring at the screen going cock-eyed. The light emitted from it actually keeps you more awake, so put it down for a couple of hours and you will find yourself much more relaxed. Phones are also bringers of stress, which is the exact opposite of what Hygge culture is about!

- Grab all your cushions, covers and candles and create a haven where the stresses of life leave you and you are totally relaxed. Pretty much make the fort that every adult secretly wishes they had. Who said they are just for kids?!

- Put on your coziest loungewear or PJ's. Preferably ones that have just been washed and are all fluffy and smell delicious.


- Pour yourself a cup of your favourite tasty beverage, whether that is a warm drink or an alcoholic tipple - no-one is judging! It's your time to relax...go for it! While you're at it, don't forget to stock up on tasty treats because let's be honest you won't be leaving your Hygge paradise for a while!

How cute is this Santa mug? I don't really drink too much hot drinks, but I just had to buy it!

- Settle down in front of your TV and Netflix and chill to your hearts content. It's your evening, you can do whatever you want!

Once you have done all these things you will have created the best Christmas Hygge evening possible. Can't wait to go home and try out this recipe again! Yum.

What's your perfect Winter's evening?




A Not-So-Christmassy Paperchase Haul

There is no denying that Paperchase have some of the best Christmas decorations going. Every year they come out with more and more amazing, adorable and unique decorations, and it's just so easy to get carried away in the fun of it all.

Last Friday, before my friend and I went to see Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them (which is amazing by the way!), we decided to have a wee snoop to see what goodies they had. £40 later I walked out with some not so Christmassy Christmas decorations.

My reasoning for spending a stupid amount of money is that a most of the things I bought can be used all year round. Decorations are for life. Not just for Christmas.

So let's start with the last thing I spotted on my way out the door. These adorable cookie cutter lights!

So cute! They are battery operated too, so no need to find a mains socket to plug it in. BONUS! There's 10 lights in 3 shapes: a gingerbread man, a star and a tree. To be honest, I will probably want to have these out all year round, I am obsessed with them!

Next in my shopping bag were these cute mini felt cacti. Of course, I hear you cry, when I think of Christmas I automatically think of plants that grow in predominantly dry environments! Weird I know, but oh god I couldn't help myself. Although there are little plastic loops attached to each cactus I probably won't be hanging them from my tree. Expect to see them in more blog posts no doubt! 

I also came across these sparkly little dudes. Great for adding a bit of glittery cosiness to a room. Again, i'm not sure what I am going to do with them but I am sure they will find their place at some point. I love glitter so much that I just had to buy them!

They come in a pack of 9 and in three different colours: a teal-green, grey and black. A great alternative to the normal red and green we see everywhere this time of year. Also, who doesn't love a bit of glitter? Did I say that I loved glitter??

I am currently doing a bit of home reconstruction and redecoration. By that I mean I am in the middle of a crafty project where I decorate a paper maché model house. Every time I see something that may be useful I buy it straight away. When I came across these teeny tiny table confetti I knew they would be perfect! Shaped as Christmas trees and gingerbread men, I can't wait to use them. I will, of course, be writing a post once the finished house is done. Need to get cracking with it!

The final decorations I purchased would be more suitable for Halloween, or Día de los Muertos to be entirely accurate. I have always loved the brightly coloured Mexican Sugar Skulls, particularly as they remind me of my time in Texas in 2011. So I had to pick up the beautiful wooden skull Christmas decorations. Such great quality as usual from Paperchase, so I am looking forward to loving these for a very long time.

Are you more of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations? Or do you like to go a bit wild? I can't wait to start properly decorating, but as It's not December just yet I can only plan and plot as to what I want to do! 2 days to go.....




Candy Belle's Vintage Christmas | Shop Local

It's a tough time in Aberdeen at the moment. It seems like every day there is some news about another local business shutting down due to the economic downturn that is slowly turning this once bustling city into a ghost town.
Local, independent businesses are finding it hard to compete with the big boys, and don't get me started on the high rates they are charged to rent out premises.

In recent weeks a momentum has picked up, where people are promising to shop local, and visit independently owned businesses rather than giving their hard earned cash to those that have no issue making a profit.

One thing that has proved popular, particularly in recent years, is vintage fairs. One local business who is at the forefront of these awesome events is CandyBelle Vintiques. Once or twice a year they put on a vintage/craft fair and encourage local creators and businesses to sell their goodies. Having been to two of these fairs they are always very well organised, and I love talking to the makers and business owners. It's so encouraging to meet and hear about their passions, and you can tell all their goods are created with love.

I recently attended the highly anticipated CandyBelle's Vintage Christmas Fair at the Village Urban Resort on the outskirts of Aberdeen.
The amount of stalls was impressive, but there was still room to have a roam and take it all in. It was great meeting up with Janet Liddell, the lovely and creative ladyboss who helps organise the event. I also got to meet her absolutely scrumptious new baby Bertie. Too cute for words.

The calibre of handmade items by local artists would make anyone want to shop local all year round. I always think they are way more personal, and different to what people would expect to open on Christmas day.

Small Stories sell beautiful wooden ornaments and illustrations. They can also personalise some of their products for that extra special touch.

I am obsessed with Juniper Press' illustrated products. Their gin inspired goodies will be very popular this festive season. It seems like everyone is going daft over gin this year...

Again the illustration game is on point with Amy Singer's prints and cards. I love her Scottish themed  art, like the gorgeous festive stag and Bennachie surrounded by purple heather.  

Celtic Candles smell absolutely gorgeous and are made with natural oils and soya wax. My favourite was the Lemongrass as I am such a sucker for citrus fragrances. 

Of course there was an abundance of vintage items on sale, from furry hats to glittery dresses it was a retro lover's dream.

Dundee based WhimSicAL LusH is becoming a bit of a local celeb in her home town. Having created illustrations for Brew Dog and having her talent being showcased on the newly developed Discovery Walk this artist is one to watch! Her cacti prints would brighten up any room! 

Stephanie at Le Petit Moose creates stunning hand woven wall hangings. Perfect new home gifts! I actually attended one of her Beginners Weaving Classes and it was so much fun. She regularly hosts them so if you know someone who loves crafts it would be the best Christmas gift for them.   

I just NEED that Irn Bru "Fanny" cross stitch from Pulp Stitchin. It embodies everything that is great about Scotland. The national drink and the best descriptive word ever. Genius.

Last, but certainly not least, are these delicious yummies from Little Kitchen Cakes. Not only do they look amazing, they taste great too. The Chocolate Orange shortbread is so moreish, melt in the mouth perfection.

How amazing are all these local businesses? There are so many talented and passionate artists out there that we have to support and boost them as much as we can. Why not make a pact with your family and friends and vow only to shop local this year! You'd be surprised at how successful you are.



A Night in the Glen | Gleneagles Hotel

At the weekend I had the pleasure at staying at my favourite hotel in the world. Gleneagles Hotel outside the picturesque town of Auchterarder, Perthshire is the epitome of 5 star Scottish luxury and I was so happy to be back. I just had to share with you some of the photos I snapped whilst there.

Having recently been bought by the owners of the super trendy "The Hoxton" hotels I was aware that Gleneagles had recently gone, and is still going through, a series of renovations.

Now, i'm not one for change, so to hear that a hipster friendly company was making changes to the classic Scottish style that gives the hotel its charm and beauty had me in a bit of a worry.

The first major thing I noticed was the beautiful re-decoration in the newly named Century Bar. Being in the bar has always made me feel like I was in the Titanic or something. Without all the disaster of course! The interior can only be described as art deco, so you could easily imagine Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby having a sneaky getaway weekend there.

I am obsessed with these little love seat cozy spots set around the bar. Perfect place to share a drink with friends on a cold winter's day. Although the lighting in the bar is much more subdued in person I am glad this picture was able to highlight the brilliant colours of the seating.

As it was a bit chilly outside I decided on a hot chocolate, but my mum went for the delicious Gilded Cosmopolitan. Being stupid I didn't write down the ingredients but I can tell you it was beautiful.

I was ecstatic to find that our room was one of the newly decorated Estate Rooms. The beds and pillows were luxurious and I had a really good nights sleep. The room was HUGE and had all the amenities you would expect. Just wish we had stayed longer!

One of the things you may hear about when people talk about Gleneagles is their legendary breakfast. This is an all you can buffet like no other. From omelettes to waffles, mimosas to bloody mary's anything you could ever want in a breakfast is catered for. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach so by the time I had finished my round of fruit then pastries I had no more room!!! The fully cooked Scottish breakfast that my mum had looked enticing but I could not fit anything more in.

They even have their own homemade jam bottled up in the cutest mason jars. So adorable.

Doesn't that scream hygge or what? I am obsessed with that word at the moment!

Of course we had to take advantage of the autumnal colours on display in the grounds! Unfortunately it was raining for most of the time we were there, but during a dry moment we had a wander to the Club House to have a browse and I consumed yet another hot chocolate!

Coming up to the festive season the hotel will unveil another new bar, described as an American Great Gatsby themed cocktail bar I can't wait to see what it will look like. Can only imagine it will be tasteful and fitting with the Gleneagles atmosphere that makes people return year after year.

They say that the people make an experience, and this can certainly be said for Gleneagles. It does not matter how many years go by you will always find the same faces on the door, and they always remember you too. It's like returning home!



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